Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wells and Devizes

Have had a really interesting couple of days being a tourist between fabulous classes.

My classes at Midsomer Quilting were terrific. What a wonderful store - so friendly and happy and a great workshop area. I really recommend a visit if you are travelling through that way.
As the class had a later start on Sunday I got the opportunity to see a bit of Wells Cathedral before class started.

I am constantly taking photos of stonework and shapes so I am sure there has to be a quilt in there somewhere.

This is a row of houses that are part of the Cathedral complex and I think they had something to do with the music school as there was a lot of music coming out of the houses.

We stayed the next few nights in Devizes which is close to the Caen Hill Locks. Now these are really interesting. 16 locks all within a very close proximity which take the best part of a day to navigate through.

Still lots of yelling with apparently the women doing most of the work but it was all very friendly and entertaining.

We ate lunch at the cafe watching all the boats coming in and out of the locks. Also had to have tea and scones with clotted cream.


Anne said...

Will you Please stop posting pictures of this and that with clotted cream! I'm on a diet and just looking at them makes me gain weight, just too yummy!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

I would agree...and say stop, but no don't..... I am attempting not to drool on (and short out) they keyboard. OH for a proper cream tea!
Cheers, Sarah