Saturday, October 16, 2010

Convergence Fabrics

I have been playing around some different techniques this week in preparation for the Brisbane Quilt Show which opens on Wednesday.

These are some fabrics which I think would be perfect for Ricky Timms style Convergence quilts and have quite a variety of colourways. If you have been thinking of doing one of these quilts, now might be the time. I also have a wonderful selection of hand painted fabrics suitable for landscapes.

All our fabric is top quality - no homespun and perfect for hand and machine work.

I will also be doing live demonstrations at my stand so please come by and have a look.


Ali said...

Really looking forward to the Quilt Show and getting some more DAGTH fabrics - thanks again for sharing your great trip and see you at the show.

camcas said...

Of Course-those of us poor neglected Adelaide customers have to make do with wishing and do not get to see live demos or the fabric up close and personal before we that we may fondle them and get ourselves into a pickle trying to decide which colour and then buying more than we should...of course I never do that....of course not ... I am in Adelaide...SOB.....

Judy said...


Rather zingy colours, I love them.