Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Latest Book Purchase

I had promised myself that I would not buy any more books for a while as I really have quite enough to keep me going for a long long time. Some I haven't really even read. I flick through them when they arrive and then put aside for another day.
BUT - I was going through some of my photos of Barcelona the other day as I am working on a Gaudi inspired quilt and found a photo I had taken of a book I was interested in and had, of course forgotten about.

So without the dreaded luggage restrictions I ordered it. I am so thrilled with it as it also comes with a DVD which with all the designs that are able to be used and manipulated. Here is one I have started playing with already

Quilt designs are just leaping out from the book and I have already started playing with some of the motifs.

Even better (or worse depending on how you feel about it) there is a whole series so another couple should be winging their way to me very soon. I was so inspired by the floor tiles in St Marks in Venice and drew lots of sketches as photography was not allowed. I know I missed some lovely ones but am sure there will be many to keep me busy in the Italian book in the series.

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