Saturday, October 22, 2011

USA - Woodstock - no not that one

We are so lucky to be in New England at this time of year. Even though a massive wind storm came through last week and blew away most of the leaves it is still beautiful.

 This is the inside of a covered bridge. You always see the outside but as usual - I like the details and lines. This one is in Woodstock Vermont (not THE Woodstock) which was built by/for the Rockefellers who appear to have owned most of the area. They didn't want power poles so they are all underground - so smart.
 I have never seen hydrangas as a tree and these were magnificent.
 My friend Anne took us to Gillinghams which is a store which has everything from gloves with ice scrapers attached
and candles and  a great selection of hunting equipment in fluro colours so you don't actually get shot. There was everything you could possible need


Mary-anne said...

Fall colors and a covered bridge - heaven!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Woodstock. How fun. It's a quintessential Vermont town. Our son and his new bride had some of their wedding pictures taken in that beautiful bridge. Did you know that the reason the bridges are covered is to protect the wooden trusses? By protecting them from the harsh weather with a roof and sides, their life can be extended from a decade to a century. Amazing. And I love Gillinghams!