Sunday, June 3, 2012

Luxembourg Quiltfestival

 You probably know that I have recently returned from Luxembourg where I wad the guest exhibitor at the Quiltfestival Luxembourg in Wilwerwiltz. It was an incredible honour and I was so well looked after. The small team of organisers for this biannual exhibition were absolutely fabulous to me and nothing was a problem. I was so grateful for this opportunity.

These are some shots of my Exhibition Area. I was very pleased with how it looked and all the space I had - about 22 m which allowed me to hang my large quilts as well as my small. I still had some left in my suitcase though - maybe for next time.

There was also a traders area - it was in a large tent across the road from where our Exhibition was but just next to the food area which is always a bonus. Lunch of real french onion soup followed by les gaffres, fraises et chantilly (waffle, strawberries and cream - only 3.50 euros!) and kir. Excellent.
Traders Hall - not very busy as it was lunch time and the Europeans take their lunch very seriously - as they should!

 It was great to see my friend Sarah Fielke's book there translated into German.
In our Exhibition area (the main one) were three other amazing textile artists.

Anco Brouwer's work is beautiful. Her use of colour and texture is exquisite and her attention to detail is incredible.She doesn't have a web site  - she is too busy creating her art. She showed me photos of the 3d work she will have at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham and I can't wait to see it.

 Trudy Kleinstein is from Switzerland and does most of her work totally by hand including this one which was my favourite of her work.
Sophie Furbeyre from Paris is also preparing an exhibition for the Festival of Quilts this year and I can't wait to see her new works. I love her use of felt and sheers and free motion stitching. We became great friends.

Another great new friend was Britta Ankenbauer (with the vibrant red hair) from Germany. She had an Exhibition of her Masterclass Students. She must be a great teacher as the exhibition was amazing. Loved her work too. Couldn't take any photos there but check out her website

I never tired of hearing people say 'C'est Manifique!' when they were looking at my exhibition. Did wonders for self esteem.

The Festival was spread over 15 venues in four villages with little buses carrying people from one village to another. Some of the exhibitions were of groups and some of individuals. Some were in barns and some in churches.

 I also was very taken with the work of Marialuisa Sponga from Italy who was the most elegant and delightful lady. She didn't speak English but we stil managed to communicate.
 Sophie and I were also invited to a street festival in nearby Ettelbruck by one of my Facebook friends Lilliane. It was an adventure catching the train to an unknown destination but we made it safely and had a lovely evening sitting eating Portuguese chicken and watching the passing crowds. Loved this statue of the Milkmaid.

The fabulous organisers even had a thank you drinks event on Sunday after it was all over to thank everyone. What a treat.

Here are some images of the surrounding areas. This was the view from my hotel room although the cows were all collected one morning and never returned so I think they were possibly going to be next week's meal.
Sunset at 10pm from my hotel window

I just had the BEST Time and can only hope that I am able to return one day.


Ellen Lindner said...

This sounds (and looks) delightful! Fun for everyone.

Thanks for sharing!

marjolijn said...

I can imagine this was a great experience.

Nienke said...

It looks great, and the artists you mention belong to my favourites! And since it is only 300 km away, I am sorry to have missed it!!

lil said...

Wow, what a great post, think I enjoyed the festival as much as you
And yes, we had a perfect evening in my little town. See you soon in France my friend.

Judy said...


Wonderful pictures, yummy food you must have had a greatime, your quilts look lovely in the show.

Sue Dennis said...

Fantastic- glad you had such a great time.

Shontelle said...

Wow, thanks for all the great pictures. And they're right, your quilts are "magnifique"