Sunday, August 26, 2012

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Spending a few days in Edinburgh with my son is always a pleasure but when it coincides with the Fringe Festival it is an absolute bonus. This is one of the bigger venues and a focal point for the Festival and luckily just over the road from my where my son lives

The city is completely alive with people and colour. It goes on for a month and staying across the road from one of the main performance areas is great. Lots of weird things to see like this jellyfish lady.
 There is also a terrific craft market held at the same time as the Festival and I was so pleased to meet up with Facebook friend Fran from McAnaraks Buttons. She has a great little corner in the market in what looks like a stone cave and is able to sew and create there all month.
 I was also really taken with Carole Storm's work . Her yarns and shawls were beautiful and I was really tempted by this one but I am not really a shawl person.
Of course the food is always a priority for me when travelling and this crepe filling sounded perfect.
I think only in Scotland could you buy Haggis flavoured chips. 

We actually had a vegetarian haggis curry at an Indian restaurant. This restaurant - Kismot is also  famous one where they have the hottest curry eating competition where 2 diners were recently taken to hospital. We avoided that one.
 I love the architecture of Edinburgh with the different levels of buildings.
 Look familiar ? - This restaurant does a Faulty Towers dinner and lunch everyday and if you look closely you will see Basil and Sybil and Manuel. It's packed every night. Maybe next time we will try and get in.
 We saw a few shows but my favourite was the Boy with the Tape on his Face. Brilliant mime and comic sketches which ended up with all the audience throwing red balloons at a poor audience volunteer. Here is a link to one of his performaces.

 The whole city is plastered with show posters with star reviews to help you work out what to see.
 Even the Hof was in town doing a show and there was a great big line of people who just wanted to have a photo with him. I resisted.
All in all it was a wonderful time in Edinburgh and when we return in a few weeks it will be a much quieter but still fascinating city.

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Tom said...

Was great sharing the festival with you both! xx