Thursday, October 9, 2014

Beneath the Surface

This week I taught my Beneath the Surface project to Eastwood Quilters. What a lovely bunch of ladies.
This was Rhonda's top after the first of the two days and it continued to develop beautifully on the second day - see below

This quilt is quite a few years old now and I hadn't taught it in a while either so it was fun to revisit and see what variations we could come up with. I never expect my students to slavishly copy my projects - I encourage them to play.

I often supply kits for this project and have started adding in more interesting fabrics like multicoloured ones and shibori ones for added zing rather than just plain hand dyed solids.

 Sarah decided to do something different with her curved pieced top and cut it up into 6" & 3" squares and rectangles to be pieced randomly together.

 This one is going to a tree with embellished leaves etc falling.
 Beautiful lines and textures in this one

Jill used our Shibori and multicoloured fabrics including the feature fabric which she didn't want to cut up too much and I really like the finished top.
 Lenette's colours really sing don't they? Also our hand dyes.
 Here are some of the ladies at the end of the workshop.

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Julie said...

Your workshop looks like so much fun and the results are fabulous. Well done everyone!